Resurrected (GER)

Resurrected (GER)
Thomas Granzow (Guitar Grind Inc.), Dennis Thiele (Drums), Ben Bays (Bass December Flower), Christoph Mieves (Vocals Grind Inc.), Adriano Ricci (Drums [2006] session member, Night In Gales, Grind Inc.), Hazim Fouad (Drums Skullbreaker), Michael Scholz (Drums), Carsteen Scholz (Vocals), Stefan Bays (Bass), Marc Deutsch (Bass), Dirk Nickel (Guitar Suffersystem), Thomas Meyer (Guitar)

Resurrected has been an institution in the German Death Metalscene since their establishment in 1993 onwards which is to trace back to their sincere commitment to produce nothing but uncompromising Brutal Death Metal.

Withstanding the crisis of Death Metal during the 90ies, the band regularly produced full lengths of exponentially growing quality which paved the way for a European tour with Fleshgrind as well as a live appearance at Milwaukee Metalfest in 2000. The band was struck by the exit of their long-time drummer Michael but could hire Grind Inc.’s Adriano as a session drummer to record their 5th Album “Endless Sea of Lost” and eventually found with Hazim a suitable replacement for Michael.

After 3 years of hard work and playing together with Bands like Gorgam, Devourment, Hate Eternal, Napalm Death and many others the band is now unleashing their strongest, most diversified, innovative and vital album on mankind so far. To put it into one word only: FIERCE! .

Brutal Death Metal from Duisburg's cryptic realms