Matt Sorg (Guitar Beyond Fear (USA), Charred Walls Of The Damned, Soulless (USA), ex-Blood Of Christ (USA), ex-Dead Of Night (USA), ex-Decrepit, ex-From The Depths), Danny Zink (Drums The COAST, ex-The Reverie), James "Human Furnace" Bulloch (Vocals ex-Holy Ghost), John Comprix (Guitar live member, Beyond Fear (USA), Charred Walls Of The Damned, Law Of Destruction, ex-13 Faces, ex-Spawn (USA), ex-Tim Ripper Owens, ex-Winters Bane), Ed Stephens (Bass Shok Paris, Vindicator (USA), ex-Abdullah, ex-Byron Nemeth, ex-Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex-Civil Disobedience), Aarron Ramirez (aka Puma, aka Double A) (Bass Pissmongrel, Schnauzer, ex-All That Is Evil, ex-Dahmer (USA), ex-Holy Ghost), Frank "3-Gun" Novinec (Guitar Hatebreed, ex-Integrity, ex-Terror (USA-1)), Mike Lare (Bass The COAST, ex-Crush Efekt), Ben Hollowell (Bass ex-Forever Untouched, ex-Years Of Fire), Matt DeVries (Guitar Fear Factory, ex-Chimaira, ex-Six Feet Under), Aaron Dallison (Bass Keelhaul, ex-Abdullah, ex-Escalation Anger, ex-Holy Ghost, ex-State Of Conviction), Chris Dora (aka Krug) (Drums Decrepit, Kurnugia, Soulless (USA), Terror (USA-2), ex-All That Is Evil, ex-Bloodsick, ex-Caveman, ex-Dead Of Night (USA), ex-Holy Ghost, ex-Integrity)

Ever since emerging from the Cleveland metal underground, RINGWORM has garnered the immediate attention of hardcore and metal fans.

RINGWORM displays an awesome ferocity in the power of its instruments, and vocalist The Human Furnace uses his voice as a tool to extract the diabolical nature of anyone who hears it. The band has toured with dozens of prominent metal and hardcore acts over the years, ranging from Hatebreed and Converge to Goatwhore, Napalm Death, Voivod, and Eyehategod. RINGWORM was spawned in 1991 from the metal scene in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1993, the band released The Promise (Incision Records), finding their place amongst other hardcore metal heavyweights such as Integrity and Earth Crisis. However, despite this early success, RINGWORM decided to pursue personal ventures: the Human Furnace concentrated his focus on tattooing and his artwork, while other members joined up with hardcore legends Integrity.

Nearly 10 years later, 2001 saw RINGWORM emerge from their hiatus with their critically-acclaimed Victory Records debut Birth Is Pain. Extensive touring followed.

The band continued on a steadily upward trajectory, honing its craft and releasing the well-received albums Justice Replaced By Revenge (2005), The Venomous Grand Design, (2007), and Scars (2011) via Victory over the course of the next decade. In 2013, RINGWORM signed to renowned independent label Relapse Records and released yet another testament to their sheer brutality. 2014's Hammer Of The Witch helped elevate the band far beyond underground circles, cementing RINGWORM's reputation as a hardcore / metal heavyweight and garnering praise from by a wide range of publications worldwide including Pitchfork, MetalSucks, and Revolver.

In 2016, RINGWORM continued their path of domination with Snake Church. a 12-track, 30+ minute testament of vicious aggression. Now 30 years into their storied career, RINGWORM return in 2019 to take the world by force with their 8th studio offering Death Becomes My Voice.

On their new album, RINGWORM ascend to new levels of hostility with 35+ minutes and 11 tracks of no-holds-barred aggression. Tracks such as “Let it Burn”, “Acquiesce”, and the band’s explosive title track unleash RINGWORM’s visceral urgency, spawning one of the band’s most chaotic albums to date. Death Becomes My Voice was recorded at Mercenary Studios & Spider Studios, Mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, Cannabis Corpse) and mastered at Audiosiege (Integrity, Full of Hell, Iron Reagan). .

Matt Sorg uses DiMarzio pickups and SIT strings.

"Death Becomes My Voice," out now. http://bit.ly/deathbecomesmyvoice http://ffm.to/deathbecomesmyvoice