Rose Funeral

Rose Funeral
Ryan Gardner (Vocals Buried Beneath (USA-2), Estahlia, ex-Hello From The Stars), Julian Kersey (Bass), Kevin Snook (Guitar), Michael Pina (Drums live member), Ryan Neff (Bass Miss May I), Andrew Horton (Drums ex-My Virgin Eyes), Devin Shidaker (Guitar 1931, Oceano), Craig Binaut (Bass), Casper Shankovich (Vocals ex-A Waking Nightmare, ex-Colossus (USA-2), ex-Ghost Of A Fallen Age, ex-Terror By The Lake), Dusty Boles (Drums Her Demise My Rise, Make Me Famous, ex-Aeons Of Eclipse, ex-Anastashia, ex-Serpents, ex-Sixth Victim), Destin Armstrong (Vocals), "Mega" Dave Voll (Bass), Dale Hammond (Bass), Tony Younce (Guitar), Drey Armstrong (Guitar), Ray Hughes (Vocals), Jesse Biesner (Guitar), Tim "Timmy" Russel (Vocals), Brian "Ren" Varney (Bass ex-The Breathing Process)

Cincinnati, Ohio’s Rose Funeral bring fast paced riffs, bone crushing breakdowns, and just the right amount of melody to make the group brutal yet still catchy.

Rose Funeral has built a sizeable fan base over the past few years in their hometown and across the US and Canada. This band is determined to tour nonstop.

They’ve endured countless DIY shows and tours even as many of their peers have struggled to tour at all. Their style of death metal and their unquenchable drive to be successful has helped them rise among the ranks of the finest in underground American metal bands. Rose Funeral’s first demo, Buried Beneath the Blood, was self recorded and self released in March of 2006.

The demo was followed quickly by the release of their EP, Crucify.Kill.Rot, in August of 2006. The EP was well accepted among their fans in the tri-state area and helped to further their national presence.

It was enough for them to get picked up by Siege of Amida Records, who re-released Crucify.Kill.Rot in March of 2007. While promoting their debut, they toured and played shows with: The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, Walls of Jericho, The Red Chord, Animosity, Too Pure To Die, The Faceless, Dead To Fall, As Blood Run Black, Emmure, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Becoming The Archetype, Dead Man In Reno, For The Fallen Dreams, Diskreet, Last House On The Left, Once Nothing, My Bitter End, Endwell, Year Of Desolation, Nights Like These, In This Moment, The Burning Season, Veil Of Maya, Iscariot and more. Their numerous regional and national tours helped gained the attention of Metal Blade Records and by early 2008, they had landed a deal. Since then, Rose Funeral has been hard at work continuing to tour across North America as well as writing their Metal Blade debut.

The Resting Sonata is the title of that debut and will, no doubt, solidify them as one of the best up and coming young death metal bands in the US..

We are Rose Funeral. We enjoy long walks on the beach. Sunsets. and Rape. We enjoy watching kids make idiots out of themselves playing uno! We create mean ass death metal. See you on the road!

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