Secret Sphere

Secret Sphere
Andrea Buratto (Bass [since 1997], Hell In The Club), Federico Pennazzato (Drums [since 2005], Morgana, Death SS, Hell In The Club, Odd Dimension, Jason Goes To Hell, Unredeemed, ex-Deformachine), Aldo Lonobile (Guitar [since 1997], Death SS, ex-Civilization One), Michele Luppi (Vocals [since 2012], ex-Killing Touch, ex-Skull Keeper, ex-Thaurorod, ex-Vision Divine), Marco Pastorino (Guitar [since 2009], Light Emitter Death, Temperance, The Ritual, ex-Bejelit, HateTyler, ex-Ivory (ITA), ex-Shining Fury, ex-Timesword), Gabriele Ciaccia (Keyboard [since 2009], Odd Dimension), Roberto "Ramon" Messina (Vocals [2000-2012], Alkemyst, ex-Hemisphere, ex-Highlord), Dave Simeone (Drums [2004], ex-Bruno Teodori, ex-Death SS, ex-Eldritch, ex-Rain (ITA)), Daniel Flores (Drums [2004-2005], Crash The System, Mind's Eye, Tears Of Anger, The Codex, The Murder Of My Sweet, Xsavior, ex-Hubi Meisel, ex-Afterglow, ex-Mindcage), Paolo "Paco" Gianotti (Guitar [1997-2009]), Antonio Agate (Keyboard [1997-2009], ex-Odd Dimension), Luca Cartasegna (Drums [1998-2003], ex-Civilization One), Cristiano Scagliotti (Drums [1997-1998]), Gianmaria Saggi (Guitar [1997]), Glenn Strange (Bass [2013], live member, Death SS, Unredeemed)

SECRET SPHERE – a name guaranteed to make every Power Metal freak’s heart beat faster with excitement and anticipation! Crediting bands like HELLOWEEN, ANGRA, DREAM THEATER and SAVATAGE as their biggest influences, SECRET SPHERE manage to honour the heritage of such big names while creating their very own brand of Symphonic Power Metal.

SECRET SPHERE was founded in summer 1997, born as the brainchild of the talented guitarist Aldo Lonobile, after some line-up changes during the early days, the current line-up recorded their debut album “Mistress Of The Shadowlight” in 1999 through Elevate Records. In 2000 SECRET SPHERE appeared on the prestigious “Keepers Of Jericho” – HELLOWEEN – Tribute sampler alongside big names such as SONATA ARCTICA and RHAPSODY.

After the second album, “A Time Nevercome” (2001), SECRET SPHERE concentrated on touring all over Europe and signed with Nuclear Blast for 2003..s opus, “Scent Of Human Desire”. Produced by Achim Köhler (SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR), their third album reaped excellent reviews and high rankings in international metal press.

2003 saw them play various shows at well-known festivals including the Metal Dayz in Switzerland and the band was also invited to play the ProgPower USA festival in 2004. “Heart & Anger”, SECRET SPHERE..S second release for Nuclear Blast – and their 4th, both showed their trademark strengths and the tendency to include even more majestic and orchestral elements and very aggressive parts.

Achim Köhler / House Of Music – well-known for his heavy productions for SINNER, BRAINSTORM or PRIMAL FEAR – was responsible for the powerful yet detailed production once again. His duty was to melt SECRET SPHERE..S Speed / Power Metal riffing with the epic, symphonic parts recorded with a full orchestra.

In 2005, Secret Sphere teamed up with Intromental Management to further the possibilities for the band in the heavy metal business. A tour was booked, as support band for Royal Hunt, but RH chose to cancel the tour 2 days into the schedule, leaving Secret Sphere with a devastated economy and a horrible experience.

However, the band decided to fight on in spite of being this terrible incident. With a newfound energy the band after few months, in april 2006 was again on the road supporting King Diamond on his Scandinavian tour.

After the succuessfull tour, the band decided to begin working on a new album, this time, including a concept of the strange and moody world of Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, A Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.). Moreover, the band played stunning shows at several festivals, including ProgPower UK and the Evolution Fest in Italy.

2007 has been spent, writing material for the new opus, and Secret Sphere is ready for the recordings of the album that will bring them on top of the mountain that is heavy metal. Before to release the fifth album the band decided to come back on the road supporting the Swedish Hard Rockers Astral Doors on their European tour just to build up more the band's name.

Now everything is ready for the comeback ! “Sweet Blood Theory” is the final step to establish the band's trademark in the metal music. A concept album based on the Polidory's novel “The Vampire” (1814) here and there melted in the typical Tim Burton's moody world and the dark-epic Elfman Soundtracks.

Musically the band showing an aggressiveness not usual for a power metal band keeping the unmistakeable style of the band in composing catchy melodies! Secret Sphere now has their unique sound ! In February 2010 the band starts a huge European Tour Following the Legends of German Power Metal Gamma Ray , getting lots of success and appreciation from the fans! Just after the ending of the "To the metal tour!" Secret Sphere released their latest opus "Archetype" for the label Scarlet Records. "Archetype" is a masterpiece full of Melodies, catchy refrain, guitar solos from hell, and bombastic symphonic parts! Following the released Secret Sphere did a very successfull italian and spanish headlining tour . Stay tunes more news to come!!!!.

Secret Sphere is an Italian symphonic power metal band from Alessandria formed by guitarist Aldo Lonobile in 1997.

The New Album "The Nature Of Time" out now!