Håkan Stuvemark (Guitar Wombbath, In Thy Dreams), Matte Modin (Drums), Stefan Westerberg (Bass In Thy Dreams, Carnal Forge), Kari Kainulainen (Guitar), Martin Pedersen (Vocals ex-Visceral Bleeding), Jörgen Ström (Vocals The Mary Major)

Skineater was created in last quarter of 2008 when Håkan decided to leave his position as bass player in GrandExit (ex vicious) to focus on his main instrument guitar again which he played in bands like In Thy Dreams & Wombbath.

Real soon a first tune was born and he asked Jeramie Kling , drummer in The Absence, Infernaeon & Ninety Minute reflex was interested in joining the project. So he did! Summer of 2009 they recorded two tunes at Jonas Kjellgren's place, Dismantling and He Was murdered, Jeramie also did the vocals on those tunes.

The coming autumn a couple of labels were contacted and at least one label showed interest but the time just kept going and going and........... However, to make a long story short, things were moving real slow.

In February 2011 Stefan Westerberg drummer in Carnal Forge and In Thy Dreams among others joined Skineater to manage the bass which he also played in Steel Attack. With Stefan on board new energy was brought to the "band".

He and Håkan immediatly went back on the chase on labels to get a decent deal. Didn't take too long til Pulverised Records showed their interest and the deal was a fact.

With that the "band" went through some changes. To be a fully functional band eager to get out and play live! Januari 2014 Jörgen decided to leave the band.

Martin Pedersen ex- Visceral Bleeding joined Skineater to handle the vocals. Skineater is: Kari Kainulainen Guitars, ( Mourning Sign, ex - Amaran) Matte Modin Drums, (Raised Fist, ex - Dark Funeral, ex - Defleshed, ex - Sportlov) Mr X Vocals, (TBA) Stefan Westerberg Bass, backing vocals (ex Carnal Forge, ex - In Thy Dreams, ex - World Below, ex - Steel Attack) Håkan Stuvemark Guitars, (ex - Wombbath, ex - In Thy Dreams, ex - Vicious).

Hell, Fire, Fuck, Kill, Die, fist, ninja, murder...etc

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