Sorcier Des Glaces

Sorcier Des Glaces
Luc Gaulin (Drums Moonlyght, Passage, ex-Asgard, ex-Blinded By Faith, ex-Daedalean Complex), Sorcier Des Glaces (Vocals, Guitar, Bass Moonlyght, Passage)

Sorcier Des Glaces was formed in 1997 as a duo, with the interest of doing a kind of "tribute" to early Black Metal.

This "new project" would be a whole concept obsessed by misanthropy, the majestic northern landscapes, infused with a total black hate for humanity and a strong feeling of isolation. Sorcier Des Glaces decided that the term "black metal" would not be appropriate for them, so they created an exclusive term to descibe SDG: Cold Primitive Metal.

A first album was recorded in 1997, "Snowland": that album never got any distribution deal or a professional release, it was only available as a CDR copy distributed by the band itself back then. But the reviews were very good... In 1999, Sorcier Des Glaces entered the studio again to record a second offering called "Moonrise in total Darkness".

At that time, the two members forming the unholy duo were playing in the progressive dark metal band Moonlyght, so the Sorcier Des Glaces "project" was put on ice for a while. That album was first released in December 2006 on Mankind’s Demise Records.

Many reasons has kept this album in the dark for 7 years, since its recording. In 2010, A lot of new material was composed. Sorcier Des Glaces announced a trilogy of new albums to be recorded in 2010-2013.

The band entered their own Hell Studio in Quebec in August 2010 to record their third album named "The Puressence of Primitive Forests". That album was released on July 25th 2011 via Mankind's Demise Records.

TPOPF marked a change: the band decided that there will never be anymore keyboards in their sound. All atmospheres would be created by the guitars.

Traditionnal "metal" instruments only! 2012 was a very active year for Sorcier Des Glaces. A split album with "Metal Noir Québécois" band Monarque was released on the German label Obscure Abhorrence Productions in March, featuring 4 exclusive songs by SDG.

In April, a mini-album called "Monuments Anciens" including demos & old unreleased stuff saw the gloomy light of the moon on the label Quebec label Les Productions Hérétiques. On May 29th that same year, Sorcier Des Glaces released the album "Snowland MMXII". This was a complete re-recording of the first album "Snowland" originally released in 1998.

The album was released in special limited "metal box" edition by Mankind's Demise Records & Les Productions Hérétiques. As the original Snowland album had great atmosphere but was poorly executed and recorded at the time, SDG decided to revive the past with their raw but extremely cold sound and without any keyboards this time. On January 31st 2014, SDG released their fifth album "Ritual of the End" via the german label Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

It is the follow-up to 2011 The Puressence of Primitive Forests. The album was recorded in Hell studio from 2011 - 2013. to be continued....