Vicotnik (Vocals, Bass Dødheimsgard, ex-Aphrodisiac, ex-Ved Buens Ende, ex-Manes, ex-Code, ex-Naer Mataron, ex-Endwarfment), Sigmund Hansen (aka Inflabitent) (Guitar Inflabitan, ex-Dødheimsgard), Ravn Harjar (Guitar Nocternity, ex-Raumr), Storm (aka Rot) (Vocals, Bass, Keyboard died 2001 (suicide), ex-Malfeitor), Lars Fredrik Bergstrøm (Guitar died 2014, ex-Malfeitor), Jon Øyvind Andersen (aka Jardar) (Drums As Lost, ex-Malfeitor)

What would become STRID was originally formed in 1990, under the name MALFEITOR.

I was at the time not a part of the band, but as I’ve been told from that part of the bands history, and as I’ve experienced myself later; most of the bands shape was created in that period. Even though the music has changed quite distinctively since the beginning, the idea about the music has been more or less the same; to never compromise and to have the goal of creating the darkest music possible to the band. MALFEITOR released its first self-titled demo in 1991, recorded in the cellar of the drummer.

It was released in 13 copies, and naturally it did not draw any attention at the time. Even heard now, almost 20 years after its recording, I objectively, as I was not a part of it, state that this demo has everything black metal was about at the time.

In 1992, MALFEITOR released its second demo; “Pandemonium”, recorded in a studio, and it was released in 50 copies. After the “Pandemonium” demo, the band entered a period of changes caused by both maturing as persons and, I guess, being affected by the development in the scene.

The band-name was changed from MALFEITOR to BATTLE and the band recorded its third demo; “End of Life”. The change in music-style is obvious to the ones that know it.

“End of Life” shows the band entering a darker state of mind using a more melodic yet melancholic and dark approach to black metal. It was after the recording of “End of Life” I was asked to join the band. “End of life” was released in very few official copies as well, but we did get a contract on a 7” with Malicious Records in Germany.

By then we had started to create new music and in this period some turbulence within the band started to occur, which eventually resulted in the former guitar-player leaving the band. During this period the band changed its name to STRID, which is a Norwegian translation of the name BATTLE.

In this period me and the bassist/singer, Storm, went into a frenzy of developing our approach to what we were doing, trying to catch the very essence of darkness into music. In the beginning of 1994 Storm and I went to the home-studio of the man behind another Askim-band, called INFLABITAN.

Here we recorded a demo for the upcoming 7”. The result has never been heard of many people, and today it is a great loss to me to say that this recording unfortunately is lost forever.

As far as I remember, only Malicious Records ever received this tape from us. Somewhere along the road for the last 15 years its original was lost.

Even though, this recording made us certain that we were on the path we wanted to be, and sometime in the autumn of 1994 we entered Creative Studios in Sofiemyr to record our 7”. This session turned out to be a real nightmare as our technician was completely uninterested in the ambitious work of three teenagers.

Many stories could have been told about this session, but the fact that Storm and I at one moment were seriously discussing if we should attack the technician or not probably says it all. We understood that attacking him would probably be the end of the recording, so we didn’t.

Thinking back of that session it is mostly with pleasure, as we in the end got satisfied with the result. I also made some memories which never will leave me, like the fact that the recording of the vocals were done with only one take.

The darkness in the studio when Storm sang the lyrics for the two tracks can never be recalled in its true shape. The result is two songs that were released on the self-titled 7” in 1995 by Malicious Records.

The day after the recording of the 7”, Storm went to the army, and he would not return until one month had passed. He was actually not able to listen to the songs until he returned to Askim.

I remember us sitting in my room, in a dark sacred atmosphere. I was at the time myself satisfied with the recording, but our goals would not be achieved until Storm as well approved it.

I blew out all the lights in my room as I started the tape, and by the end of the first song I looked up, my eyes adjusted to the dark, and through the dim red light from the stereo I saw tears running down Storms face, and we were satisfied. I think the first 1000 copies were sold out only in a couple of months, but we did not care about it, as our intentions at this stage were only to create. The biggest problem was Storm being in the army, so working as a band was impossible.

This way we entered even further into an individualistic way of creating music. During the next 6-9 months nothing much happened, except me working on the full-length alone more or less.

I myself became extremely restless, with that much music, without being able to work it out properly, so I decided to leave the crowded parts of Norway and entered a period of what would become several years in the north-western parts of Norway, on a farm in the mountains. Sometime in the late parts of 1995 I received a phone-call from Storm, where he told me he was just released from custody, because he had stabbed some lowlife with a knife.

This incident led to him going to jail for 9 months, and it would be even more problems for us to finish composing the album. Also, in this period, Malicious Records and Gerrit Weiher showed his true face to us, lying and stealing, so the motivation to release music was dropping radically.

As a band, STRID was at that moment probably already dead. What kept us together as a group, rather than individuals were the common ideas that were the basics for our music, our lyrics and our chosen way of life.

We had sporadic rehearsals during late 1997 and early 1998. After recording the 7” our drummer left the band, and in 1997 we brought back the former guitar-player Lars and Sigmund from INFLABITAN on drums.

This was the beginning of a period of some months were we had regular rehearsals, but at the time everyone involved was not really motivated to be in a band and to create music to release for others to listen to, so it all faded away. The band-members literary went in opposite directions because of conflicts which content is long forgotten, and for a couple of years I had no contact with Storm. In 2000 I felt that fulfilling the idea of STRID was something I had to do, and I contacted Storm regarding this matter.

At the time he was working on his application for the Norwegian Academy of Art (Storm was as well a highly talented painter). He was depressed and felt more distanced to others then ever, but he agreed for us to breathe life back into STRID, he just had to finish his application.

He never did, as he killed himself less than a month after.Not only did I lose a brother, but also the other half of STRID. All plans for reuniting STRID died with Storm.

Several years passed, and I left Norway for a long period, and I became more distanced to the scene than ever, until I was approached in 2006 by KYRCK Productions from Greece. Mr.

Iannis Mantzoros made me aware about all the STRID-bootlegs circulating, and he convinced me to do an official re-release of all the material by MALFEITOR, BATTLE and STRID. The compilation was released in December 2007. All along since 2000 I’ve had a feeling that STRID was something I had to complete and getting involved with the release of the compilation grew on me.

During a period of several months I decided that STRID would resurrect. To me this decision resulted in a lot of thinking were I had to recapitulate many of our former ideas.

Not to the musical or lyrical aspect of the band, but among several things the degree of involving other persons to contribute. I was determined that by resurrecting STRID I would have to bring in new members, and at the time I had close to no candidates I would like to work with.

Another year passed with STRID growing in my mind, while I tried to reconstruct most of the old material. Unfortunately a lot is lost.

Not only of my own material, but also material from Storm that we had played earlier is lost or forgotten. The loss of several of Storms bass-lines is impossible to replace, and my words is the only thing that can try to describe the darkness and the complete despise of life Storm was able to summon with his music. In November 2009 I contacted the people I thought could be the right ones to be a part of STRID.

First of all Lars from the original line-up was added as a second guitarist. Our relationship in the past had been filled with conflicts, but we agreed to bury them and to finish what was started almost 20 years ago.

I had never any doubts about his skills as a composer and musician, and listening to his current material made me even more certain that I had the right person with me on guitar. Also, by bringing back the person that made most of the music for the first demo, “Pandemonium” and “End of Life” makes it easy to say that the circle is complete with his return to the band. During our youth years in Askim, we always were a group of 10-12 persons listening to black metal and living that life.

One person that left Askim early and moved to Oslo was Vicotnik of DHG. In 2006 I discussed my thoughts regarding giving life to STRID with him.

Then he offered me his help, and I’ve had him in the back of my mind all along. Finding a replacement for Storms bass is something I did not find easy, both from a personal and a musical perspective.

I knew Vicotnik is a great musician and as a person he would be able to contribute to the band with instantly understanding the concept and to create the dark atmosphere we try to summon. After listening to the bass Vicotnik did on the last CODE-album I was determined to offer him the place as a bassist in STRID.

Sometime the autumn of 2015 we will start the recordings for our first full-length which title will be “Endetid”. This is a Norwegian word meaning “end of time”, and the album could not have a more appropriate title regarding both the musical and lyrical concept.

- Ravn of Strid 2014 .