Kim Pack (Vocals, Violin), Sarah Pendleton (Vocals, Violin), Levi Hanna (Bass Huldra), Andy Patterson (Drums Oxcross, ex-Iota), Rebecca Vernon (Vocals, Guitar), Leena Rinne (Bass), Bonie Shupe (Drums), Zoé Dimitri (Bass), Rachel Hatsis (Bass), Dave Jones (Bass Oxcross, Iota, Laughter), Zach Hatsis (Drums Laughter), Christian Creek (Bass)

Rebecca Vernon: Guitar, vocals Sarah Pendleton: Electric violin, vocals Kim Pack: Electric violin, vocals Levi Hanna: Bass Andy Patterson: Drums Subrosa is an experimental sludge-doom band from Salt Lake City, a city plagued by a tension of opposites.

Within the Subrosa crucible, sludgy low-end and high volume lock arms with ultra-melodicism, folk and experimental elements delivered through the haunting ambience of two electric violins. The overall effect is emotional, eerie, bleak, and beautiful. Rebecca Vernon’s vision for Subrosa brewed for some years before songwriting began in the summer of 2005 with kindred spirit Sarah Pendleton on violin.

The Worm Has Turned was written in Rebecca’s haunted basement apartment and self-released in June of 2006. Strega was released in March of 2008 on Swedish doom/thrash label I Hate Records, after being remixed by Magnus “Devo” Andersson, bassist of Marduk.

The Swans Trapped in Ice EP was self-released in 2009. Kim Pack joined as an additional violinist in 2008, and Subrosa’s full-length album, No Help For The Mighty Ones, recorded by Salt Lake producer Andy Patterson and remixed by Devo again, was released in the summer of 2011 on Profound Lore Records. No Help was listed as #20 on Decibel’s Top 40 Albums of the 2011, and #20 on Pitchfork’s list of the 40 best metal albums of the year, along with other year-end lists. Andy Patterson (drums) joined the band in 2012.

Subrosa played doom festival Fall into Darkness in Portland, Oregon, October 2012, and Scion Rock Fest with Pallbearer, The Obsessed and Gates of Slumber in June 2013. They played Southwest Terror Fest with Kylesa, Red Fang and many other bands in October 2013.

Levi Hanna joined the band in January 2014, in time to prepare for two shows opening for Deafheaven in Salt Lake City and Denver in February 2014. Profound Lore released Subrosa’s next album, More Constant than the Gods, on Sept. 17, 2013.

It received extensive critical acclaim from many prominent online and print music publications, and appeared on “Best of 2013” year-end lists in Decibel Magazine (#4 of Top 40 Extreme Albums of 2013) (#5 metal album of the year), Pitchfork (#9 of Top 40 Metal Albums of 2013), #11 on both Rolling Stone’s and SPIN’s 20 Best Metal Albums of 2013, #5 on Entertainment Weekly’s “Top 6 Best Metal Albums of the Year,” and #2 on Cvlt Nation’s Top 6 Doom Albums of 2013, among many others. SubRosa played Hellfest 2014 in Clisson, France, in June, with an accompanying European tour, a three-week US tour with Boris and The Atlas Moth in August 2014, and Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina and Uninvited Fest in Brooklyn, New York in Sept. 2014.

SubRosa is scheduled to play Housecore Horror Fest in Austin, Texas, and open for Neurosis in Denver during Oct. 2014. ∞∞∞∞∞ “One of the year’s most exhilarating heavy metal records.” –Grayson Currin, Pitchfork, More Constant than the Gods review: 8.3/10, Oct.

2013 “By the time ‘No Safe Harbor’ draws the curtain with a hushed flourish of death-folk decay, there’s no doubt Subrosa have made their best album to date—and one of the most organically unique and cohesively visionary metal albums of the year so far” –Jason Heller, Decibel Magazine, More Constant than the Gods review: 9/10, Nov. 2013 “More Constant Than The Gods is a high-water mark for Subrosa, as well as among their peers.

It thriftily balances tone, noise and nuance in a really, truly exciting way.” –, More Constant than the Gods review, Sept. 2013 “No Help For The Mighty Ones is a once-in-a-decade type album, one that should and hopefully will have a profound effect on the genre as a whole.” – Encyclopaedia Metallum, HeySharpshooter, Jan.

2012 “SubRosa’s glorious new album No Help For The Mighty Ones is a miraculous demonstration of the curative – perhaps transformative – power of art.” – Dan Obstkrieg, Last Rites, March 2011 “Easily one of the most beautiful and haunting records I’ve heard in years.” –, April 2011, on No Help for the Mighty Ones “I’m pretty sure no other band on earth sounds like SubRosa right now.” – The Noise Made by People, Jan. 2012.

Within the Subrosa crucible, sludgy low-end and high volume lock arms with ultra-melodicism, folk and experimental elements delivered through the haunting ambience of two electric violins.

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