Legendary Pirate King Eric "The" Brown (Drums, Percussions [since 2011]), Admiral Nobeard (Vocals, Bass [since 2005]), Commodore Redrum (Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard), Rowin' Joe Po (Guitar), Captain Crashride (Drums, Percussions), Bootsmann Collins (Drums, Percussions), Cabinboy Arsewhipe (Keyboard)

AHOY MATEYS! Forged upon the seven seas, Swashbuckle hath come to take the metal community by storm.

We've faced rum-runners of the northern Caribbean to bring you the most brutal in yar face metal upon the Spanish Main. If ye be double crossin' us, we'll make ye walk the plank ye scurvy dogs! Yarr! Swab the poop-deck, and set sail for the Pirate Metal experience of your lifetime ye hornswogglers! Cheers!.

Pirates That Thrash.

Three Dudes With Pirate 'Tudes.