The Amenta

The Amenta
Timothy Pope (aka Chlordane) (Keyboard [since 2002]), Erik Miehs (aka Ethion) (Guitar [since 2002]), Cain Cressall (Vocals [since 2009]), Dan Quinlan (Bass [since 2009]), Robin Stone (Drums [since 2009]), Ryan Huthnance (Guitar [2012-present], live member), Mark Bevan (aka Cesium 137) (Vocals [2002-2006]), Joe Haley (Guitar [2005], live member, Psycroptic, Ruins), Dave Haley (aka Diazonon) (Drums [2002-2008] Psycroptic, Ruins, Nervecell), Nathan Jenkins (aka Endrin) (Bass [2002-2007]), Jarrod Krafczyk (Vocals [2006-2009]), Chad Halford (Drums [2008]), Dale Harrison (Bass [2008-2009]), Scott Bernasconi (Guitar [2007], live member), Tim Aldridge (Guitar [2011], live member)

Like all truly extreme artists, The Amenta has long been defined solely by its refusal to be defined.

Formed in 2002 by Erik Miehs (Guitars) and Timothy Pope (Noise and Fx), the band quickly realised that their interests pointed more towards experimentation and a stubborn refusenik attitude. Early experiments with dissonance resulted in 2002’s “Mictlan” MCD. Two years later, the band had signed to Listenable Records who released the debut full length, “Occasus”.

More refined yet also more avant-garde than the MCD, the album received excellent reviews world wide and resulted in The Amenta being named Best New Metal Act by the Australian Kerrang Awards. After numerous Australian tours with bands such as Akercocke, The Berzerker, Psycroptic and Ruins, The Amenta had discovered a more feral, angry aspect to their music. This was channelled into 2008’s divisive “n0n” album.

“n0n” was a dense, ugly, sprawling hymn to urban decay. It’s was anti everything.

Off the back of this filthy paean to political manipulation, The Amenta toured Australia then headed to Europe to tour with Deicide, Vader, Samael, Devian and Order of Ennead. The U.S followed with Vadar, Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, Augury and Swashbuckle. Upon returning to Australia in, The Amenta, recorded a free download of a huge multimedia release in 2011 entitled “V01D”.

The release featured the new title track, re-recordings of tracks from the two previous albums, new instrumentals and remixes as well as professional filmed and recorded live performances and film clips. The new song showcased one of many new directions The Amenta could take.

Epic chords held in stasis by drones. Melody where before there had only been dissonance. The Amenta toured Australia again with this release and recorded many of the shows for future release.

In 2012, the digital E.P “Chokehold” was released. Once again a new facet was displayed.

Huge, distorted bass clashed with tinny, reverbed guitars on the title track. A cover of GODFLESH’s ‘Christbait Rising’ pinpointed the releases inspiration. Now in 2013, The Amenta will release “Flesh Is Heir”, the latest full length album.

The most organic and open of The Amenta’s releases, “Flesh is Heir” builds huge sculptures of sound from decayed choir loops and found percussion, the strongest riffs and guitar hooks in The Amenta catalogue and an immaculate vocal performance. Lyrically it deals with the constant war in the human psyche between the faction that desires obliteration and the faction that struggles in the mud.

This bipolar theme is carried through to the music which is at once, ugly and beautiful, organic yet electronic, lightening fast but also crushingly slow, and always dark as pitch. The Amenta have entered a new era of their growth. Like always, this music is not for the tin-eared and terrified.

This music is for the true adventurer. It is extreme music.

It is not Industrial. It is not Death Metal.

It is not Black Metal. It is The Amenta..

New Album - "FLESH IS HEIR" OUT NOW! (Australia) (Europe)