The Faceless

The Faceless
Michael "Machine" Keene (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard [since 2004]), Marco Pitruzzella (Drums [2003-2004], Anomalous, Atrocious Hysteria, Vörnagar, ex-Vital Remains, ex-Vile, ex-Brain Drill, ex-Lord Marco, ex-Apocrypha, ex-Ritual Hatred), Matthew Blackmar (Keyboard [2008], session member), Jeff Ventimiglia (Vocals [2003-2006], ex-I Got Shot In The Face), Jared Lander (Bass [2010-2011]), Nick Pierce (Drums [2006], Unearth, ex-Embalmed (USA), ex-Nocturna), Derek "Demon Carcass" Rydquist (Vocals [2006-2011]), Brett Batdorf (Drums [2004-2006], Emetic Death, ex-Animosity (USA-1), ex-As Blood Runs Black), Brandon Giffin (Bass [2004-2010], Cynic (USA)), Michael Sherer (Keyboard [2005-2006]), Elliott Sellers (Drums [2004], ex-Job For A Cowboy), Steve Jones (Guitar [2004-2012]), Mica "Maniac" Meneke (Vocals [2011], live member, Legion Victorious, Origin, Sol Asunder, Ontogeny), Tara Keene (Vocals, Back Vocals [2012], session member), Evan Brewer (Bass [2011-2014], Evan Brewer Project, ex-Animosity (USA-1), ex-Reflux), Geoff Ficco (Vocals [2011-2014], ex-Kamikabe, ex-Orgone), Wes Hauch (Guitar [2012-2014]), Alex Rudinger (Drums [2013-2014], Ordinance, ex-The Haarp Machine, ex-Burning Shadows, ex-Fleshwrought, ex-Threat Signal), Lyle Cooper (Drums [2007-2013], ex-Ballgag, ex-Erzebet (USA)), Navene Koperwies (Drums [2006], session member, ex-Animals As Leaders, Fleshwrought, ex-Sleep Terror, ex-Animosity (USA-1)), Andy Taylor (Drums [2006], session member, Diskreet), Sergio Flores (Saxophone [2012], session member)

The Faceless is a technical death metal band based out of Los Angeles, California. The Faceless’ debut album, Akeldama, was released in November of 2006 and was the first release on Sumerian Records, a brand new record label at the time.

They released their second album, Planetary Duality in November of 2008. Planetary Duality reached #119 on the Billboard 200.

Autotheism, their third album, was released in August of 2012 and reached #50 on the Billboard 200. They will be releasing their highly anticipated fourth album in 2017, which will be titled “In Becoming a Ghost.” Guitarist Michael Keene is known for his vast knowledge of music theory, his songwriting, and his producing skills.

He has recorded and produced all of The Faceless’ albums, as well as many albums for other well-known bands. The Faceless has a very unique, sharp sound. They often focus on mixing fast, aggressive riffs, high-speed blast beats and double bass, and heavy, death metal style vocals with tasty guitar melodies, beautiful solos, eerie clean vocals, and creatively-structured drumming.

They have made a name for themselves as a critically acclaimed “musician’s band.” The music is truly composed, and nothing short of perfection. The Faceless is known for pushing musical limits and experimenting with things that other metal bands have not dared to venture into, such as saxophone solos, industrial sounds, and even a sample of a crying baby.

The Faceless’ music has influenced an entire generation of bands and is unanimously adored by the metal community. .