Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust
Nick Bellmore (aka Nikki Rage) (Drums [since 2009], Kingdom Of Sorrow, Phantoms), Phil Zeller (aka Philthy Gnaast) (Bass [since 2008], ex-Rammer), Joel Grind (Vocals, Guitar [since 1999], Tiger Junkies, War Ripper, ex-Chemikiller, ex-Colon Rupture, ex-Grave Mistake, ex-Hellvomit, ex-Kunt Killer, ex-The Rapists), Donny E. Paycheck (Drums session member, Zeke, ex-Camarosmith), Hexx (Guitar live member), Hugo Golon (Drums live member, Infected (BRA), ex-Em Ruínas, ex-Farscape, ex-Side Effectz), Jamie Walters (Bass live member), Steve Kuhr (aka SM Daemon) (Bass live member, ex-Anael, ex-Krieg, ex-Seeds Of Hate), Sebastian Engelhardt (aka Excoriator) (Drums live member, Earth Flight, ex-Total Hate (GER), ex-Excoriate (GER))

TOXIC HOLOCAUST mutated into existence in 1999, when Joel Grind merged his love for classic punk and metal into his ideal band.

Like his influences - Bathory, Venom, English Dogs, Possessed, Broken Bones - TOXIC HOLOCAUST featured blazing riffs, gravel-throated vocals, and a deadly fixation on the evil in man and a post-apocalyptic world. Grind wrapped all of these elements up with a DIY attitude. .

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