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"The Legacy Of The Dark Lands" Appears In The November

"The Legacy Of The Dark Lands" Appears In The November
March 01, 2019

BLIND GUARDIAN stand for some time for a bombastic and multi-layered variant within the Heavy Metal. 1000 and a soundtrack, and orchestral elements in the music in years.

The Nuclear Blast was now announced, step appears, therefore, logical: Under the Banner of BLIND GUARDIAN'S TWILIGHT ORCHESTRA on 1. November is an orchestral Album to see the light of day: "Legacy Of The Dark Lands". Lyrically, the work verknüpftist with the today published new novel by Markus Heitz. This, in turn, carries the title of "The dark lands" and tells the history of the following plate of the Krefeld veterans of the Fantasy.

Markus Heitz: "The Dark Lands"

Tu me spare with the Twilight Zone?

Vocalist Hansi Kürsch explains:

"Incredibly, we can conclude now, after 20 years of this incredibly exciting project. I am super happy and more than satisfied. Each number reveals spectacular worlds and tells its own story. With this Album our biggest creative dream is now finally a reality“.

And also the author Heitz exults:

"That was a little bit crazy: As a Pen&Paper role-players we have heard of Blind Guardian, when we have gambled. And years later, with the Band working together, this is incredibly great. Insane how it can run. I was of course immediately! This creative collaboration is something Special for me.“

"Hurrah", a Orchestra?

The small audience must deal today with the figure of the mercenary, Nicolas, the secret touches through the thirty years ' war. Hansi Kürsch says:

"Markus is a great storyteller who has created us with 'The Dark land' is the right environment and with the mysterious Nicolas has the perfect character for our multi-layered works. His inventiveness is endless. Absolutely impressive and very inspiring.“

BLIND GUARDIAN, classical orchestra, huge choir singing a specially written Story – "The Legacy Of The Dark Lands" must be looking forward to a (or -shaking).

The presale Start on "Legacy Of The Dark Lands" starts in June 2019.