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Singer The Criticism

 Singer The Criticism
July 27, 2016

Beyond The Black – 2016

For some, they are considered to be Germany's biggest Metal-hope for the others, they are merely a means of Casting put together the purpose of grouping. The fact is polarize: BEYOND THE BLACK and are currently represented in the media. Recently, the singer went to Have Jennifer and the rest of the members of the band separate ways, what the community cared not only for the amazement, as well as uncertainty within the Fan. Also because of Jennifer, the wish to seek new comrades-in-arms, answered some questions from Fans. Were answered a total of eight questions, which it is clear that the drastic decision was by mutual agreement made.

In addition, the singer turns out your role within a clear and emphasized: “first of all it is important what I think. As I see Beyond The Black and the future. Because I have this special connection to my Fans, and I know that this is a turbulent Phase, but I'm so full of energy and music, I am convinced, continue to make good music.”

The new band members would like to Jennifer on the find like by Audition: “to make An Audition to form a new Band to me, was my desire, because I want to droves for Beyond The Black the the best possible musicians and people around me and my Fans, just a Chance to really seize and go with full vigor to the front.”

The singer also refers to the allegation that the Band was put together by people outside of the band structure by Casting and announced criteria, which have to meet the new members: “I have complete influence and sole decision-making authority, who in Beyond The Black new member of the band is and who is not. [...] Between humanity, passion, and musical Interaction. After that, I'll be the judge and decide.”

The entire Interview you can here read.