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A Chronology

A Chronology
May 02, 2019

On their current joint tour to see MGLA and DEUS MORTEM, as well as the organizers and other Involved confronted with accusations, it would be rather extreme ideas to accept and/or self-distribute. It is also the concert resulted in cancellations. Metal.de has summarized the events.

25. April: Left Alliance against anti-Semitism in Munich published an open letter to the operators of the Backstage in Munich, where on the 1. May should be the MGLA concert. In this, among other things, is noted, the Band was well-connected with the NSBM scene. A member of DEUS MORTEM would play WAS in INFERNAL, their singers had made anti-Semitic statements in Interviews, and appropriate Songs would have been published. In addition, the Label of MGLA, Northern Heritage, also NSBM would sell Bands and m. with his previous project, the morgue had released a Song called "free of Jews". The letter closed with the request that this concert is cancel.

26. April: On the following evening, says the Backstage in Munich, the concert from. The Overlapping of DEUS MORTEM Exceeding a compatible limit of be WAS with INFERNAL. An adequate examination of the allegations against MGLA not have given it to in the Wake of the cancellation, which is not insignificant, because the acceptance of anti-Semites was tolerable. Instead of the appearance of MGLA has been organised at short notice, a benefit concert against anti-Semitism. MGLA have for the 1. May made an appearance in Prague booked.

28. April: About six hours before the start of the site says the Columbia-Theater, Berlin, 14 against and watch the concert from. They wanted to offer "right-minded" artists a platform. Two hours later, reports the organizer, Triple Six Concerts with a Statement of the allegations and the short-term cancellation. Similarly, the lack of willingness to engage in dialogue and the short-term nature of the cancellation is criticized. In the evening, tidy up the MGLA, the victim of a smear campaign and the allegations. Likewise, they announce the initiation of legal steps.

29. April: the concert in Nürnberg is cancelled. The operator Ad Infinitum Concerts complained about the pressure, the "sensation Horny, journalists, the public order office and other bored are Wrong". DEUS MORTEM publish a Statementin which you indicate that the Band no political intentions.

1. May: The Booking-Agency Asgardian Events announces replacement concerts: on 4. May as a substitute for the Nuremberg concert in ponds and on 7. May in Lübbenau, Brandenburg, as a replacement for the Berlin concert.