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A New Double Album?

October 25, 2015

Anyone who has followed in the last days, the activities of the Prog-Metal-primary rock DREAM THEATER's attention, will have noticed that the New Yorkers have made an enigmatic announcement: “The path will soon divide... Choose wisely”, it means only. Who then, on the website of the Band goes, in order to see what is going on, is only the same message-to-face and have the opportunity, either for the “Great Northern Empire” or the “Raven skill Rebel Militia” via e-mail Subscription to decide. Or both, if you is a Fanboy.

And of course, the speculation in the network have already begun: it Could be a sign of a new double album, even a concept album, the DREAM THEATER will be releasing in the foreseeable future? It would also be possible, after all, seems to be the quintet recently returned to the Studio to be. It would be desirable also, especially since not everyone has become with the last few albums, the New York warm. We are excited to see.