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A Raffle Of "Emptiness"-Merchpakete

A Raffle Of "Emptiness"-Merchpakete
February 06, 2019

Together with WATCH THEM FADE, we want to equip you with a big fat "Emptiness"-fan-package. In total, we are giving away five packages that each contain the current Album "Emptiness", a Sticker and either a Shirt or a Travel. Choose for yourself what would you prefer.

To throw your name in the draw, you have to do is fill in the fields below this article.
The winner will be announced on Monday, the 11. January drawn, and as soon as possible notified via Email.

First name Surname
Address Place Postal code
Shirt in whatever size or Travel?*
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Please don't forget, your Email address and confirm this also. Legal recourse is excluded as always.
Please note: After submitting the form, you will receive an Email from us. The Link you have to click to confirm your Email address. If this is not done we can not take into account your participation in the contest due to legal reasons!