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"A Trail Of Death" To Stream Online

March 08, 2015

The new Album “A Trail Of Death” by the Swedish Death metallers Magnus Martinsson (ex-GRAVE) is now available under the following Link is a complete Stream online.

On the ten new Songs were also two prominent guests: Karl Sanders (NILE) and Jörgen Sandström (ex-GRAVE, KRUX...). Was mixed recorded the Album in-house and by Sverker Widgren (DEMONICAL, CENTINEX...) at Wing Studios and mastered. For the album cover of Tattoo artist Henry Pyykkö (a. K. a. MrDist) is responsible for the Layout of Michaela Barkensjö from Sinners Art (WATAIN, CARCASS)

The Band about their second album: “The Songs are this time a little faster and darker, and overall, the Album is a nice evolution to our two years ago, they released their debut “At The End The Dead Await”and”.

01. Embrace The End
02. Mirrorkin (feat. Jörgen Sandström)
03. Deep Dark Darkness
04. Razor Twilight
05. A Trail Of Death
06. The Night Sky
07. Primitive Impulses
08. Maggots In Her Heart
09. Slither Inside
10. To Rend The Flesh (feat. Karl Sanders)