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"Abysmal" In The Pre-Stream Accessible To

September 17, 2015

After THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have already been delivered in June, a Teaser on the upcoming Album, “Abysmal” in the Stream accessible. From 18.09.2015 there is “Abysmal” in the trade. With the Pre-Stream, the Death metallers of the scene will provide plenty of good feed before the physical release.

Front man Trevor beach of his new work anyway, plenty of convinced: “It sounds more urgent, more dynamic, more emotional and has a roheren, fury of their Sound. It is still blazing fast Death Metal, but if you are so cautious and emotionally is going on, is a so outstanding Album, and we can head held high, and stand there and say: ‘Exactly, that is our best work!’“

On metalblade.com/tbdm is the Album as a Stream accessible.