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Action Against The Federal Republic Of Germany

April 05, 2016

That RAMMSTEIN would have earned since the beginning of her career, actually in the Duden, a place next to the word “provocation”, is virtually self-explanatory. Now was from a variety of sources announced that the Berlin-based Band at the Bonn district court against the Federal Republic of Germany lodged – RAMMSTEIN calls for 66.000 € (how eloquent) compensation for short-term indexing on the 2009 album “love Is For Everyone“. While the Band is on their public channels to even mention nothing, but as a Background the following facts may be mentioned:

The Bonn-based Federal Department for media harmful to young persons had gedetzt the Album on the Index, because it had to be classified, in particular the Song “I'm gonna Hurt You”, as well as a torture-figure in the Booklet, as verrohend and immoral.

“The evaluation of the Jugenschützer had no stock and After half a year, the administrative court annulled in Cologne, the indexing again. The reason given was that the Federal Agency had not weighed sufficiently between artistic freedom and the protection of the youth. The martial, and exaggerated graphic violence in a style of Rammstein, don't be, it was a staging and because of the alienation to a ‘realistic violence excess’.

Rammstein is now arguing that because of the decision of the review Board, you had to 85.000 record or store to destroy. This damage will have to be replaced, the group, the damages they estimated at 66,000 euros. Why is the German Neue Deutsche härte Band is only now with the requirement, is not known. The process of 1. Civil chamber of the Bonn district court is scheduled to begin in the summer. A personal appearance of the members of the band to front man Till Lindemann was not arranged.”