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Agree With DEBAUCHERY Front Man In A Dispute Over Album Title

April 30, 2015

Yesterday posted by the Irish Folk metal band CRUACHAN on Facebook a Statement that the German Death metallers DEBAUCHERY , the use of the album title “Blood For The Blood God” would have been. The Background is that DEBAUCHERY front man Thomas Gurrath for his second Band BLOOD GOD the name of “Blood God” as a word mark in Germany has to protect. After Posting countless negative comments to, and also Thomas Gurrath to word reported, both sides now, apparently, agreed – or at least talk to each other.

CRUACHAN write about this in a further Statement:

“Earlier today we made a statement regarding legal issues with our new album title “Blood for the Blood God”. Since that statement, Keith and Thomas Gurrath have been in discussions pretty much all day. Thomas has agreed to remove the block on our album title in Germany so we can sell our cd's and merch there with the proper album name. Thanks to Thomas for this and thanks for all the support we have received. We now ask that this is forgotten and no more negative comments are left regarding Debauchery, I feel Thomas made an error in judgement and has fixed it and for that we say thanks. Incidentally that means we have some, what will now become quite rare, “Blood for Crom Cruach” merchandise available at www.trollzorn.de/store .... go get it now!!”

Also Thomas Gurrath reports one's word – even to the negative comments regarding his Person and his Band:

“What are actually talking about all of the Metal Community. That's such Bullshit. This is a 5 months past dispute between the record company Troll wrath and Blood God.
A record company is doing the whole day nothing else than to make money, with music. This is your only task. And since the people are connected from the Troll's wrath closely with the sales Soulfood, also the last of the Blood God CD was released, they were very well aware of the fact that there is the Band Blood God. It was easy for you no matter.
The Band Cruachan had to do with the whole thing, nothing to do, I talked with them until yesterday never. And I thought Cruachan are definitely cool guys, can't for the amateurism of their record company, I have the Release – even though it approved my trademark rights violated. Therefore, anyone can buy in Germany, since December 2014, this stupid CD of Cruachan.
And instead of once, to say Thank you, it's cool by me was, that I have not prohibited the Release and an immense damage to the Band and the record company have averted poops on me, this Band is now on the Internet. And the Best part is actually that you defame the Band's Debauchery, which has to do with the whole thing.
What has this to do with the Metal Community. This is just bad.”