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Album Number 18 Is In The Start Holes

Album Number 18 Is In The Start Holes
February 05, 2020

The Numbers speak for themselves: more Than 1.7 million albums sold worldwide, alone, 2.6 million Streams for the Top 10 predecessors, "Knights Call". Now AXEL RUDI PELL released "Sign Of The Times" 18. Studio album in 31 years. But it is not the quantity but the quality is crucial. His resistance experiences a higher and higher appreciation in the world of Hard & Heavy Community. Because not always, but more often the term "cult" is, if AXEL RUDI PELL the speech is. He can't start with the term a lot, "but if it is successful for so long, then you deserve something maybe." This not only sounds down-to-earth, but is meant to be.

As a little appetizer has all the fun of the Label to a Pre-Review:

With the Double Bass-knocker "Gunfire" delivers PELL, probably the best Opener of the last fifteen years; "Bad Reputation" is a straight Melodic Rock gem; the Soundcheck, the resulting title of the piece comes usual epic; the Up Tempo Rocker "The End Of The Line" impresses with its long and yet catchy Chorus as well as the ballad "As Blind As A Fool Can Be". It gets interesting in the second half of the album, because here PELL breaks a few times from his own Tradition: "Wings Of The Storm" is a modern tribute to the Coverdale/Hughes-Era of Deep Purple, as if she had recorded Jimi Hendrix. The intense "Waiting For Your Call" marked the best vocal performance by Gioeli, while "Living In A Dream" with its Reggae(!) Intro has surprised not only the other band mates. "Into The Fire" finally, the Album ends epic, but not too sprawling. Long Songs this time, the solos have become song may be more useful and more melodic, a quality drop is not noted.

AXEL RUDI PELL – "Sign Of The Times"


The Black Serenade (Intro) Gunfire Bad Reputation Sign Of The Times The End Of The Line As Blind As A Fool Can Be Wings Of The Storm Waiting For Your Call Living In A Dream Into The Fire

The record will be released on 24. April 2020, and can HERE already be preordered.


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