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Allow Ticket Returns

May 04, 2016

16. May AC/DC playing in the Belgian city of Werchter. After the Band have now presented, however, with Axl Rose (GUNS N’ ROSES) a replacement for the failed Brian Johnson, require around 7,000 ticket buyers their money back, such as the Belgian newspaper De Standaard reports. The reason: you don't want to see the Band with new front man. Due to a goodwill return option (no legal obligation to!) this, apparently, is also possible. The refund also applies to the affected concert in Germany, the deadline for the return of Tickets is 5. In may 2016. After submission of the original tickets, the buyer will receive a refund. Important to note is that this is only for the original customer, or customer shall be entitled to the refund is limited to four Tickets per household, since the sale of Tickets was limited to this number per household.