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And The Grammy For Best Metal Performance Goes To...

February 09, 2015

After TENACIOUS D have already the best Song of all times, in your resume, you can learn now, finally, you are entitled to caution by the independent Heavy-Metal-experts of the Grammy Awards Jury.

Your DIO Cover “The Last In Line” from Ronnie James Tribute Album “This Is Your Life” was as a “Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance” award, and prevailed against SLIPKNOT, ANTHRAX, MASTODON, MOTÖRHEAD, Pep Guardiola, Pegida, Daniela katzenberger and the Pope.

Those who had expected in the run-up to anything other than a glorious victory of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, should be not a shame to die of shame and to flight in search of destiny guitar pick – with a little luck, Ronnie James Dio listens to you and brings you some music understanding.

The thanks of all true Metal Fans goes to the luminaries of the Grammy-Jury, which have proven time and again her unerring instinct for Song of the year...