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And Video To "a Different Species"

And Video To "a Different Species"
July 08, 2019

Admittedly, the guys from VERDERVER may just be a secret, but that it may be in the Quartet is not a 08/15-Band, is quite clear. With "a different species" do not represent the noisemaker is only your second Song and the accompanying Video, but also make it directly clear: us is not to be trifled with!

But before we put the tape even more words in my mouth, we leave the self-proclaimed Dance-Death-metallers, but prefer to introduce myself:

VERDERVER is the unruly Chaos that ravaged rigid boundaries. Risen to infect the damaged humanity and their misguided double standards to extinguish. "A different species" is Boxing a shadow, with the apathy of modern life. Ignorance is a conscious decision. There is no excuse not to be pissed off. VERDERVER is exactly the horror of the lived, when the deepest silence reigns. Thanks to our surreal Addiction to Ego-excesses, he's awake. In The Hysteria. No Chance to deal with this much of everything else as with his own, bitter black Humor.

You're to blame for everything. So as we are. But since there is so much more, what is far more important than our little fucked-up life. But that doesn't matter, as long as we can feed our dissolute mega-market-life. Everything is always now, and never enough. High Five for our fancy Highlife. And now all of a match: An Amen to the exploitation – hallowed be thy Name. thy Kingdom come...

"And with starving children, we Finance our art."

If you are asking yourself now, how these wacky lines sound as music, to the the nearly six-minute power trip", a different species was placed in the" to the heart.