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Announce New Album "The Ghost Of Orion"

Announce New Album "The Ghost Of Orion"
January 03, 2020

5 years since the last Album,"Feel the Misery" has passed, now terminate MY DYING BRIDE with "the Ghost Of Orion", a new Album. This is on the 06. March 2020 appear.

Singer Aaron Stainthorpe reported“:

"A new Album with fresh faces and a more accessible style compared to the previous, highly technical Releases from MY DYING BRIDE. "The Ghost Of Orion" combines the Call of the compositions of epic proportions with those of a more intimate quality, Death Metal Vocals with lamenting. Level to level, created Andrew Craighan guitar a sound landscape of enchanting Prose, enriched with the violin and keyboard sounds by Shaun MacGowan, along with the fateful cello whisper of Jo Quail. Where we are already at the guest musicians: The wonderful voice of Lindy Fay Hella (WARDRUNA) adds the Album to an ethereal Note. For this purpose, the unique style of our drummer Jeff Singer, the Abe together with our bassist Lena picked up the rhythm work of the Band to another Level...

My humble self delivered a penetrating and disturbing vocal performance between eulogies and a troubled soul, together with texts, which are rather unusual for this Genre. This compilation of Songs is the best of what we have released as a Band ever, the treasure of a thirty-year experience is reflected in 'The Ghost Of Orion"."

As the first Single of the Song will appear in "Your Broken Shore". A music video is on 10. January will be released.

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