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Announce New Album

Announce New Album
June 25, 2019

The enterprising Black/Sludge-metallers of TIME have done it to us again. After the Leipzig Workaholics have carved since establishment in the year 2013, one Demo, four EPs, an album and a Live Album out, it's now that time of year again (hoho!) for a new Studio album. Whether the "tribulation" influences of the last EP "Zero." to hear will be, on the one had included older Songs in the Funeral-Doom-robe again, remains to be seen.

What we tell you or be able to show the track list and the Cover Artwork:

Track list:

01. Silence
02. Forehead
03. Babylon
04. Man-machine
05. Awn
06. 357

"Tribulation", by the way, in the band's own Studio "357" recorded, appears on the 30.08.2019.