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Announce New Album

Announce New Album
July 07, 2019

The Catalan Post-(Black)Rocker FOSCOR convinced two years ago on their fifth Album "Les Irreals Vision" with your audio, gloomy melancholy. The Black Metal roots were overcome by the Band to this, as far as possible, but still, thanks to the Riffings feeder in the Sound, so they are not completely gone. The resulting Album is not celebrated according to the darkness, after which the Band is named, quite dissimilar to Bands such as ALCEST or KATATONIA.

Now FOSCOR finally provide for replenishment. Again via Season Of Mist that the new Album will be released "Els Sepulcres Blancs". Release date is the 6th September, 2019. The Cover, designed and photographed by Deborah Sheedy, and the track list have also been released:

Design: Deborah Sheedy

Track list:

1. Parliament
2. Els Colors del Silenci
3. Malson
4. Secrets
5. Cel Rogent
6. Cançó de Mort
7. L’Esglai

A first Pre-Track is also released for the Song "Cel Rogent":

The Album to be a continuation of the predecessor directly. This have marked out the beginning of a concept trilogy, whose second part performing well, "Els Sepulcres Blancs". The title itself and the contents of the new album, the Band wrote:

"The title translates as "The White Tombs", a metaphor for a poetical bed where humans chained to reality may the and born free to imagine a better world. The door to the most individual state of mind, the world of dreams and expectations, and a shelter for the livings where dreaming for the change. We are dealing with that topic from both real and oneiric point of view... as the Modernisme / Art Nouveau movement used to do one century ago.“

Until September we have to wait, but still...