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Announce New Guitarist

Announce New Guitarist
January 01, 2019

MANOWAR have E. V. Martel as the new guitarist for the upcoming "Final Battle"Tour. In the past, Martel had played the Songs of the Band already in some of the Tribute Acts. Stylistically, he'll play "a Mix of all the previous MANOWAR guitarist", but also a personal touch. Bassist Joey DeMaio was enthusiastic:

"No one deserves to play more with MANOWAR as a Fan myself, someone who has dedicated his entire life to our Fans and our music and has proved that he is a true Manowarrior!"

For Martel, it was, in turn, "to play an indescribable honor for the best Fans in the world!"

MANOWAR under fire

Martel jumps in on the upcoming concerts of the Band since longtime guitarist Karl Logan on 9. August 2018 due to possession of child pornography arrested. However, this was only in October, after the Webzine "The Blast" had discovered the case. Logan had, for the first time in 1994 on the Album "Louder Than Hell" the True Metal Band, played guitar and was most recently on the re-recording of the classic "Kings Of Metal" to listen to.

The "Final Battle"Tour in 2019 will start on 25. February with a Show in Tel Aviv. In March and April for five Shows in Germany. In contrast to the first section of the Tour, is the Motto of this time "Fan Favorites Only".

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Guitarist E. V. Martel Wants to Join MANOWAR On The Final Battle of World Tour 2019 E. V. Martel wants to be the guitarist on...

Posted by MANOWAR on Tuesday, may 1. January 2019