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Announce New Mini-album "Life, Sex And Death" And Post First Details

May 10, 2016

The Czech Occult Black metallers CULT OF FIRE a few hours ago on their Facebook page a new mini-album announced. The mini album is called “Life, Sex And Death” and is already recorded, mixed and mastered. The Tracklist of “Life, Sex And Death” reads as follows:

CULT OF FIRE – “Life, Sex And Death” (Tracklist):

01. Life
02. Chinnamasta Mantra
03. Death
04. Tantric Sex

The playing time the new mini album from CULT OF FIRE is 20:11 minutes. (Fans of the first hour can find here a small wink.)

CULT OF FIRE have presented up to now to every new publication, a new band logo, it will also give to “Life, Sex And Death”is a mini album of a new Logo. The artist Dávid Glomba. Here is the Logo:

CULT OF FIRE – band logo 2016 (“Life, Sex And Death”):

Furthermore, CULT OF FIRE have released the Cover of “Life, Sex And Death”. This is also from Dávid Glomba and will look like this:

CULT OF FIRE – “Life, Sex And Death” (Cover Artwork):

"Life, Sex And Death" is the successor to the 7"EP "Čtvrtá Symfonie Ohně" of 2014. The last Full-Length Album from CULT OF FIRE was “मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान” (to German about: “Ascetic Meditation of death”) and was published in 2013. The mini-album will be released as a Shape-CD, Picture-Shape-LP and as a Special-Edition cassette.

More info to follow, according to CULT OF FIRE soon.