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Announce Return To The Stage

Announce Return To The Stage
November 18, 2019

MÖTLEY CRÜE have announced their return to the stage. In 2015, finished the Glam-Metal Band from their "Final Tour" with a new year's eve concert in Los Angeles. In 2013, the four members had signed a contract that says you concerts after this Tour. However, four years after their final show, the Band destroyed this contract.

What has changed for MÖTLEY CRÜE?

In the official press release reads, the work on the film adaptation of her biography "The Dirt" got the Band back together:

"Vince [Neil], Nikki [Sixx], Mick [Mars] and Tommy [Lee] came together until 2018, in order to work together on 'The Dirt', what brought you to the Surprise of everyone closer together, as they walked together in the Studio, after years of everyone on the road. The fuse was ignited.“

In addition, the Film led a whole new Generation of Fans to the music of the Band, which will now get the Chance to see MÖTLEY CRÜE live. Details of the possible concert dates, the Band was not yet known, but is likely to be only a matter of time. Until then, Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, embodies Lee in "The Dirt" refers to, in a Trailer about the return of the Band:


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