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Announcement Of The Morse Festival! 2016

February 25, 2016

Neal Morse has probably completed long ago is still with SPOCK'S BEARD, because on his youtube channel, he has released a Trailer, which Fans of the Band should warm your heart: For this year's Morse! is Neal Morse, all members of the sometime part of SPOCK'S BEARD have been, gather to the double album “Snow” for the first Time ever in its entirety live to play. We may be curious what comes out of it, after all, celebrates Neal Morse since 2014 the Morse festival! regularly and, it seems, as the Play entire albums had become with him now a Tradition. Were it of 2014 “Testimony” and “One” and 2015 “?” and “Sola Scriptura“, it's 2016 now, so “Snow”.