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Announces Release Date For New Album

April 08, 2016

The Italian One man project LORD AGHEROS is on 20. June and his fifth Album “Nothing At All” with “My Kingdom Music” post. Now you ask certainly, how the new Album sounds. In the press release it says: “a truly original, modern, powerful and pathos-rich music, which includes an exciting Mix of Gothic Metal, Ambient and Post-Industrial, but also elements of classical music. He has developed a concept with which he mixes Shoegaze with the Dark Metal, which is the cinematic, the musical essence of this Album, the Masters of the avant-garde such as ULVER and IHNSAHN approaches.”

The album's first Single will be ‘Lake Water’, which, incidentally, have Federica “Lenore” Catalano (LENORE S. FINGERS) as a guest musician.