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Announces Two New EPs

Announces Two New EPs
November 30, 2019

Vegard Sverre Band, better known by his stage name IHSAHN announces new musical signs of life.

The bad news: It will be 2020 no new Album from IHSAHN. The good news is that There are two EPs, one for the followers of the Black Metal Phase, one for connoisseurs of the progressive side of IHSAHN.

The Black Metal EP should be called "Telemark", very reduced and has its roots in stress:

“ I wanted to distill the roots of the reduced skeleton of my Black Metal. In concept, it is also a matter of my personal home: I wanted to make something for and of or from Telemark. I'm going to use for the first Time, also with Norwegian Lyrics. It is much more familiar for me to feel so much.“

There is still no official release date, but IHSAHN has already mentioned the 14 February as a target date for "Telemark". The second, as yet unnamed EP will come later in 2020. IHSAHN to:

"It is planned to follow the first EP with the conceptual and aesthetic counter-part in the I all my progressive, experimental, and also gentler moments of can combine. Mainly, the EPs, and the musical ideas I have to get out in my head before I can throw myself into a completely new Album.“

Both EPs will contain five Songs and will be according to IHSAHN mainly a way to re-try. If you do so long as he is music, and only regularly study albums to bring out, it was time to try new things.

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