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Appetizer For The New Album

Appetizer For The New Album
July 16, 2016

Throughout the 14 years herschte radio silence to the Swedish Melodic Death metal band ABLAZE MY SORROW. After the Reunion in the year 2013 should be released this summer, now finally a new Album with the concise title “Black”.
A first insight into the new works are now available in the Form of the song “One Last Sting”:

01. Black
02. One last sting
03. Tvåenighet
04. When all is...
05. Send the ninth plague
06. To reclaim what is ours (instr.)
07. Insomnia
08. Blood heritage
09. Razorblade revolution
10. The storm
11. My blessing

Support the Band received in their work of the producer Christian Svedin (THE UNGUIDED, FAITHFUL DARKNESS), while Niclas Malmström made the right Artwork.

“Black” will appear on the 05.08.2016 via Apostasy Records.