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April, April: Metal.de Is The METAL BRAVO

April 01, 2016

UPDATE 2. April 2016:

Well, Children. Somehow, the METAL BRAVO has not been in with all of you. And Springer don't want us now. That's why we continue to make changes under the old name.

The More Things Change – METAL.DE is the METAL BRAVO

Dear Metalhead,

let's make it short: To 30. April 2016 the brand metal.de officially by Axel Springer SE publishing house. An important step for our long-standing project that, in 1996, almost as a crazy idea began. It fills us with the greatest Pride, to be part of the Springer family, whose products and products for years the most innovative in the digital market. The opportunities available to us in the constructive and honest conversations have been identified, have surprised positively and, again, this decision reaffirms.

Although we are aware that this step will in some places be not taken without suspicion, will change the nature of metal.de of course, nothing. On the contrary, After a thorough, balanced analysis of the Social Media and comment columns, we came to the conclusion that some of you us to do this for quite some time. Now we are ready for a new Chapter in the history of metal.de to arrive. The recently-submitted proposals, - Metal-IMAGE and focus-metal, due to trademark reasons in the short term, unfortunately, not implement.

Instead, we focus on the classics of the past and look forward, to you from 30. To April under the name METAL BRAVO welcome.

In addition to Reviews, we will provide you too in the future, with all what a true Metalhead is important, by real Fans for real Fans! This Motto remains the same. Through our new economic status as a subsidiary, we get the great opportunity to you even more insight into the exciting world of Metals. That is why our services in the future by numerous spectacular home stories, fantastic Beauty tips for Metalhead*the inside as well as on the hottest topics and images around the hard music.

Great deeds are imminent and we would be very happy, if you follow the METAL BRAVO keep up the intense trust and the incredible Fidelity with which your metal.de in the last twenty years or so have supported.


Cologne, 1. April 2016

The Editor-In-Chief