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Are Feverish

Are Feverish
October 26, 2019

The Swedish Melo-Death metallers SOILWORK, whose new Album "Verkligheten" and also the additional EP "Underworld" of the bonus songs from "Verkligheten" is still relatively "fresh", have an additional Song on the Single to "Stålfågel" to find was, well, a Video donated. "Feverish" includes a guest appearance of the very enterprising Alissa White-Gluz.

Trilogy planned

The Band comments:

"We were all "feverish". We have succumbed to the temperature increase in us sometimes, a spirit of us say things and do not let that we actually wanted, but it was somehow good, like a purification of our corruptible bodies restrict us. Some people say that our bodies are built so that you can have a higher temperature. When mankind was created first, our bodies were constantly feverish, the heat has turned off our control mechanisms and have led to the neurotic, nervous behavior, which we today fall so often prey to. This may be one of the reasons why we were able to prevail as good and see the world in such a short time were able to dominate. Maybe it is time to just let go and unleash in us a burning fire, and to hope to beat it maybe one day.“


For Babylonian death goddess

The "Feverish-Trinity" to three new Songs a comprehensive trilogy with accompanying Videos, to celebrate the "Babylonian death goddess, the powers of the world used to be a great deal of fever, richer and spannenderem place". On "Verkligheten" has for the first time, replaced by Baard Kolstad, Dirk Verbeuren. Whether he is working on further publications SOILWORKs in the future, is not yet known.


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