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Ask: "Dragon, Why Do You Cry?"

Ask: "Dragon, Why Do You Cry?"
April 30, 2019

From the IDLE HANDS out of Portland, there is the new Single with the affected it to the title of "Dragon, Why Do You Cry?" in cooperation with the magazine Heavy Consequence.

The associated debut of IDLE HANDS follows next: "Mana" appears on the 10. May 2019 at the iron forest. Was added to the Album by Gabe Johnston and Zack's ears. The Mix Johnston and Gabriel Franco, has mastered the work of Brad Boatright (YOB, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY).

The last year released EP "Don't Waste Your Time" was able to attract with the original direction of the IDLE HANDS some attention. The mixture of melodic Rock and Metal and singing of the HEROES DEL SILENCIO with lots of Kajal seems to be "Mana" to be more worn.

"Dragon, Why Do You Cry" this is a very uncomfortable question – you may be curious.

IDLE HANDS are made up of several former members of the SPELLCASTER. Bassist Gabriel Franco is taking on the rhythm guitar and to hear the singing.

He sounds with his new Band: