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Ask A Ta Ta Dance

Ask A Ta Ta Dance
December 17, 2019

Clearly, to baby metal will separate for the length of its existence (and beyond) the spirits. Most recently the Duo shrunken Kawaii-Metal Act with a "Metal Galaxy" is a Full-Length Album into the Round fired on the show that you continue on the opinion of the Traditional metal whistles, and just have fun and want to make. Strong click to numbers on Youtube and a strong first week in the Charts for this Album are evidence of the success of your strategy, it purely statistically.

And there seems to be no end in sight, as long as the ladies are still with so much vigour and without regard to losses in the thing. In this respect, it is not surprising that the Japanese Ladies used to color happy, ecstatic and overexcited to Ta Ta dance, to celebrate. The song "Da Da Dance" is from the latest Album, there is now also accompanied by a music video that goes as follows:

Who flaps his shyness already has stored, or out of pure curiosity, the colourful spectacle of the live screws like, you can make the following dates:

Baby Metal - Metal Galaxy World Tour 2020 08.02.20 Gro├če Freiheit 36, Hamburg
Baby metal 13.02.20 Carl Plant, Victoria, Cologne, Germany
Baby metal 14.02.20 Huxley's Neue Welt, Berlin
Baby metal
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