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Autobiography Appears

July 17, 2015

At the end of September, the Verlag Nicole Schmenk published the autobiography of Scott Ian, co-founder, guitarist and main songwriter of ANTHRAX and S. O. D., “I’m The Man: I’m The Man: The story of that guy from Anthrax” in German as a hardcover. At 272 pages and 16 colored photo pages, the reader learns more about the Yankee Fan who lives with his wife and son in the vicinity of Los Angeles, and has written music history. The Foreword is by Kirk Hammett (METALLICA).

Text Scott Ian Flaps:
“My career with Anthrax is known for his determination, dedication, and sometimes, coincidences, luck as bad luck. This Story is full of achievements and challenges, but it wasn't a complete Drama. I was forbidden to get a lot of fun, and I'm to the conclusion that the music business is the most insane, the most difficult to predictable sector. Literally anything can happen. I have over 30 years of albums and tours denied, I was able to collect a Wealth of entertaining and engaging experiences in regards to my Band, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, I was allowed to make. Starting from the day I took for the first Time, an acoustic guitar in Hand, up to the Moment I entered the stage at the Yankee Stadium at the Big 4 Festival. It comes to Anthrax, I know best, and this is my story.
Of me tragic stories of abuse, Raven's parents and homelessness is listening to her, the choice between the next shot and the next meal, or involvement in gang wars and fights with empty beer bottles. As my Mom likes to say, I am at heart a good Jewish Boy. [...]”