September 02, 2015

This coming weekend, the Morbid go to a festival in a new round. With, among others, MANTAR, DODHEIMSGARD (only Germany Show in the year 2015) and CHAPEL OF DISEASE are. Because of these and other extreme Bands, the at the 04. and 05.09. in the East club of Bishop will occur, is the Motto: Morbus Maximus. The exact Running Order you can find below. wishes all visitors and Participants a beautiful event.

Friday, 4th of September

19:00 Doors open 19:30 Cinema: Morbid Movie I 20:00 Cinema: Morbid Movie II 20:30 bitch hammer 21:30 the MOSAIC 22:30 UR 23:30 CHAOS ECHOES 00:30 DHG 01:30 DJ 05:30 Doors closed

Saturday, 5th Of September

16:30 Doors open 17:00 Cinema: Morbid Movie III 17:30 Cinema: Morbid Movie IV 18:00 POTHEAD 19:00 NIGHTSLUG 20:00 teeth grinder 20:45 HUMAN LARVAE 21:30 HERDER 22:30, CHAPEL OF DISEASE 23:30 MANTAR 00:30 GUTALAX 01:30 DJ 05:30 Doors closed