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Black 'n' Thrash Inferno In 2016

November 02, 2015

In the coming year, the Black ‘n’ Thrash Inferno will take place already for the third Time and returns to the one-off trip to Oberhausen in the venerable Zeche Carl in Essen, Germany. That's not enough, the organizers have already announced the final Lineup, which can be further taken up in more detail under the eye. Friday, the 8.04. in Thrash Metal, while Saturday, the 9.03., the Black Metal is dedicated. One way or the other is taken care of for plenty of variety, but see for yourself:

ONKEL TOM ANGELRIPPER (GER – Thrash Metal)* SVARTIDAUDI (ISL – Black Metal)** DESASTER (GER – Black/Thrash)* ONE TAIL ONE HEAD (NOR – Black Metal)** WARPATH (GER – Thrash/Doom)* BLAZE OF PERDITION (POL – Black Metal)** EVIL INVADERS (BEL – Thrash/Speed Metal)* THE COMMITTEE (BEL, Black Metal, Special Extended Show)** SVARTTJERN (NOR – Black Metal)** Self-entleibung (AT Black Metal)** DARKFALL (AT – Thrash Metal)* MANIFESTIC (GER – Technical Speed/Thrash)* AGENDA (GER – Thrash Metal)* WRECK (GER – Black Metal)**

*Friday **play Saturday

We metal.de are pleased to present to you this special Event present. Tickets are available via AD Ticket, Ticketmaster, metaltix, as well as nationwide at almost all points of sale.