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Bring Out A New Album

November 20, 2015

The canadian Speed-metallers ANVIL will be on the 26. February 2016, their new Album, “Anvil Is the Anvil” post. For Lips (v., g.) symbolizes this title, the band's philosophy: "Sometimes we are criticised for the fact that we have never changed. Aabout why one should change something, what it is famous? Is it not much more important to stay true to yourself? Easy to make, what you can do best? The idea of our new disc is: we are what We are, and so it will remain!“

Produced was the “Anvil Is the Anvil” by Martin “Matt” Piper (among others, U. D. O) in the Readhead Studios in Pulheim, near Cologne. For Lips (v., g.) and Robb Reiner (dr.) this was a significant Moment, as both of them have a Jewish origin. Lips: "There is on the new Album, a Song called Forgive Dont Forget` that our attitude says. Nobody is guilty for what happened before his time, especially since Germany itself deals very critically with its own history. ANVIL in Germany were always welcome, even in difficult phases. When we think of Germany we think of friends, not to war crimes.“

“Anvil Is the Anvil” appears on the 26. February 2016, with Steamhammer/SPV. Then tour the Canadians, with Dirk Schneider.


1. Daggers And Rum 5:26

2. Up, Down, Sideways 3:19

3. Gun Control 4:22

4. Die For A Lie 3:17

5. Runaway Train 3:40

6. Zombie Apocalypse 4:22

7. Its Your Move 3:30

8. Ambushed 3:22

9. Fire On The Highway 4:35

10. Run Like Hell 3:07

11. Forgive Don`t Forget 2:40

12. Never Going To Stop 4:12 (Bonus Track)