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Bring Out A New Compilation, "force(default)"

Bring Out A New Compilation, "force(default)"
April 08, 2019

The German Black metallers STREAM OF BLOOD will be releasing the beginning of may, a Compilation. "Power(work)" is the name of the plate, and 13 Songs.

All the Songs are completely recorded fresh and included. Also included is the new Song "Death Notice" and a JUDAS ISCARIOTCover of the song "An Eternal Kingdom of Fire". Actually, I expect in the title "power(factory)" at least a Cover of the eponymous Band.

Since I'm already in a bad Joke, I pack a Yucca, a Cover Artwork and Tracklist on top of it:


Streams of Blood – the force(work)


1. Death Notice
2. Deepest Abyss of my Soul
3. Temple of Blood
4. Fullmoon Era
5. Atomic Exhumation
6. The Sense
7. Bringer of Light
8. Regeneration
9. Beast Reflect
10. Speak with the Serpents
11. Of the reality in the eternal light
12. Final Journey
13. To the Eternal Kingdom of Fire