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Bruce Dickinson's Cancer-free

May 15, 2015

The metal stalwarts IRON MAIDEN have good news for their Fans: “We are very pleased to announce that Bruce has been declared in the Wake of his recent MRI scan of the involved specialists as cancer-free.”

Bruce himself is quoted as saying: “I would like to thank the amazing medical Team that has treated me the past few months, and in order for this great result. It was also hard for my family, in many ways probably harder than for myself. I also want to thank all of our Fans for your uplifting thoughts and words. I firmly believe in the importance of a positive attitude and the support of the global MAIDEN-the family gives me very much. I'm extremely motivated and can't wait, ‘back to business’ as soon as possible!”

Also Rod Smallwood has a few words: “of course We are all glad that Bruce's Doctors have declared the cancer to be conquered. Although Bruce is now hot, at MAIDEN to continue, it will of course take a while until it will have reached its original strength, but we have explained already before. Therefore, the Band next year will go neither on Tour nor for any other concerts. We are sure that our Fans understand the Situation and, as we rather want to wait for that, Bruce reached his usual Fitness level, before he goes ‘on the road’. At the moment we are busy to make the new IRON MAIDEN Studio Album is finished – that is what we will focus in the next few weeks. The publication is definitely planned for this year. Finally, I would like to pick up on Bruce's words and all the MAIDEN Fans to thank. You've been incredibly patient, have Bruce's health during this difficult time in the first place – these support the Band knowledge and I highly appreciate that.”