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Celebrate 20 Years Of "Mercury"

Celebrate 20 Years Of "Mercury"
July 07, 2019

The Band MADDER MORTEM from Norway with the exception of singer Agnete M. Kirkevaag has since been a reliable guarantor of Metal albums that go under the skin and very little to tightly-defined genre boundaries to take care of. Most recently gave us this attitude their latest Album "Marrow", its impressiveness is not only at us, praise has been. This is the Band for quite a while in the business, so that their debut album "Mercury" this year will be the twentieth anniversary celebrates.

On the occasion of MADDER have-MORTEM and their Label Dark Essence Records, not rags. The long out of print debut learns on 6. Setpember 2019 a re-release on said Label, and will contain, in addition to a revised Cover, with five new Tracks alongside some new Material, with three alternative versions of older Tracks are going to be, the writing will have to learn a song of modernisation, the current development of the Band reflect.

The track list looks as follows:

1. Undertow
2. Under Another Moon
3. He Who Longed For The Stars
4. These Mortal Sins
5. The Grinding Silence
6. Loss
7. Remnants
8. Misty Sleep
9. Convertion

Bonus tracks:
10. He Who Longed For The Stars (2019 re-recording)
11. The Grinding Silence (2019 re-recording)
12. Remnants (2019 re-recording)
13. Shadows Coming Home
14. Vigil

The Norwegians are on 7. September is a anniversary show in Oslo, for which they are already chipped members Wake will play to get the authentic Feeling of their earlier days across. However, only this appearance in terms of the anniversary, now seems to be planned. As a consolation for this, but was already released a first Song from the Album, which is the new recording of "He Who Longed For The Stars".