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Celebrating Its 25. Birthday

April 05, 2016
Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, 13.05. – 16.05.2016

Whether a metal band, a football player or a hearty Single Malt 25 years is a damn good age to be. And as it happens, is also celebrating the Wave-Gotik-Treffen this year its 25. Birthday. It has brought the WGT on this impressive number, it is certainly no coincidence. Because no other Festival, the bandwidth is covered by dark music so diverse as at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. Approximately 200 artists perform in about 50 venues, from large – scale Acts of promising newcomers to the Underground-insider tips. In addition, a diverse cultural programme on the visitors.

A exceptional birthday requires a extraordinary Celebration. Such a throw the WGT on the day before the official start of the Festival and is expected to provide some of the surprised face: On 12. May is from 20 clock in the “adventure rich Belantis” in the South of Leipzig, the largest amusement Park in Eastern Germany, round. Until midnight all the rides in the amusement parks are available. In addition, be hang up in different places on the site DJs, including the two founders of the WGTs, Michael Brunner, and Sandro Steadfast as a DJ-Team “Moonchild”.

Tags it is then, as usual, in terms of Live music to the Full, where the WGT has to offer for metalheads. MY DYING BRIDE, ENSLAVED, KORPIKLAANI and DARK FORTRESS are, as well as DORNENREICH, even complete two performances. To BIFROST, AUTUMNAL, IRDORATH and skalmöld see join. Not directly metal, but still rocking it with GOTHMINISTER, LORD OF THE LOST, FORNICATION, and THE FRIGHT.
In the Pagan village, the traditional medieval market of the WGTs, on Sunday for the ear, if TROLL, HEIDEVOLK and Gernot Hagen enter the stage, while the Russian Doom Post-Rock-metal band KAUAN for a quieter end to the day. The Pagan village is by the way the only WGT-Location, for which day tickets are available. On Friday, CULTUS FEROX, and LEAVES’ EYES will give the honor, on Monday ERIC FISH AND FRIENDS, as well as COPPELIUS.
Together with the WGT CREMATORY and PROJECT PITCHFORK celebrating this year its 25. Birthday. 30 years, HENKE already for the OSWALD-in addition to project ARTWORK and the whole 35 years for the British of IN THE NURSERY. Unique Highlights are guaranteed in advance. In addition, other scene variables, such as JOACHIM WITT, DIARY OF DREAMS, LACRIMOSA, THE I, SUICIDE COMMANDO, PETER MURPHY, GIRLS UNDER GLASS in the original cast, die KRUPPS, FAUN and SOLAR FAKE-the veteran Festival in Leipzig. Therefore, no scene group is likely to be short: Of Future-Pop to Goth-Metal, from EBM to Apocalyptic Folk, from medieval sounds to elegiac Post-Punk, everything is a part of this year.

The concerts and events at the WGT held at approximately 50 locations throughout Leipzig, for instance, in the time-honoured walls of the Moritzbastei, in the neo-antique cupola hall of the national Palace, or in the historic town of bath. Classical music is an integral part of the WGT program, including Wagner operas, chamber music, organ concerts and Mozart's Requiem as ballet. A special Highlight for all who were vampires before Twilight, and True Blood is cool: Bram Stoker's “Dracula” is his experience as a Musical.

But music is not all what it has to offer, the WGT. Also readings, exhibitions, theatre and film performances. In historical garb, it gathers to a Victorian picnic in the Park. In the huge Gothic market at the AGRA you can spend the hard-earned money with relish. In countless clubs international scene-DJs until dawn to Dance.
For art and culture lovers, the WGT is worth twice the entrance to several of Leipzig's museums is a WGT-wristband-free, at the Museum of fine arts, the Egyptian Museum and the Grassi museums, the thematically appropriate guides for WGT visitors. The city history Museum is dedicated to the WGT for the 25. Anniversary, for example, the exhibition “Leipzig in Black”, which not only tells the story of the meeting with his main caesuras, but especially stories around the WGT. The exhibition invites visitors open, the fascination of Wave-Gothic-Meeting feel to the scene so know how it presents itself: that life is happy and peaceful, but also provocative and sometimes even disturbing. In any case, creative. A visit to Leipzig on Pentecost is so worth it all.

A list of confirmed artists you can find here. Tickets (120€ incl. VVK) can here be ordered.