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Charity Festival Goes In The First Round

January 07, 2016

Love Metal, Hate Fascism – Help Children!

The Knights of Thor Heavy Metal Club, German Chapter, held on the 12.03.2016 in cooperation with the JUKI 42 at Ahrensburg will be the first Heavy Metal Festival. From an idea out and because of the fate of the founding member of the international Metal brotherhood Angelo “DOC” Cobrasci the idea was born within the still young German group of the K. o. T. H. M. C. a charity Festival against cancer. The first ideas were quickly specifically – the first requests of Bands were positive: the idea for The Fuck Cancer-the Festival was well received and popular. As the recipient for the donations the children have been chosen to be incurable experience ill probably never come of age. Quickly the decision to make the children Hospiz sternenbrücke in Hamburg, the deal fell – and it was accepted.

The frame data: All Bands (the exact Bands you can see in the poster above) to play without a fee and travel to the part of Switzerland without travel costs ertstattung, so that the price of admission (10,- € incl. Festival wristbands) will only be diminished in order to minimal cost. With full of enthusiasm, the Metalheads of the K. o. T. took to the idea of design and planning. For example, Bands, promoters have been addressed, etc., in order to get items for a raffle. The result: our Vice-President, Nico Aue, boxes full of Surprises that we will bring in a raffle and auction for the good purpose among the people. More info about the Festival here.