February 14, 2020

The British Metalcore-chapel BURY TOMORROW at 3. April of their sixth Studio album for Music For Nations/Sony publishing. In addition to the Cover and the Tracklist was released today, the Single 'Choke'.

An essential difference compared to the predecessors of these will be the texts. These treated already personal topics, but singer Dani Winter-Bates has not announced that this is taking place on a metaphorical, but a direct level: "I speak with people about how to get his mental health in the handle – how can I not write an Album, I speak about the topic? The recovery of spiritual health is what saves lives. I want people to see light in the darkness. If you deal with it, you can refer to the discussion of consolation. To talk about it, it brings normality and positive movement in the subject.“

1) Choke
2) Cannibal
3) The Grey (VIXI)
4) Imposter
5) Better Below
6) The Agonist
7) Quake
8) Gods & Machines
9) Voice & Truth
10) Cold Sleep
11) Dark Infinite

The last Album "Black Flame" was released in 2018, and was the third Top 40 placing in the UK Charts.

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