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Collaboration With Wes Benscoter

Collaboration With Wes Benscoter
November 22, 2019

This elaborate music video, which was filmed in the summer and the autumn of 2019, the impressive universe of Wes Benscoters art in connection with the concepts that were brought by CATTLE DECAPITATION in stunning 4K grandeur into the game. The Video is the culmination of a fruitful 18-year relationship between the Band and the world-famous artist, and is the first music video of his enormously wide-ranging career, including the cooperation with Metal main pillars such as SLAYER, KREATOR, DIO, NILE, AUTOPSY, BROKEN HOPE and many others. After years of working with him, and as an admirer of his 2009 award-winning short film "Hold Your Fire" was given the Band the honor to take this next step with him and to take the opportunity to offer the world something Special: an emotionally riveting film from one of the best masters of timeless metal art short.

The singer and the Art Director of Cattle Decapitation, Travis Ryan, expressed to this first Event of its kind: "When Wes told me that he would be willing to make a music video for us, I dropped the jaw down. To have a music video that is completely associated with the Album Artwork and the color palette was something I wanted to have always been, but never would have thought that it could become a reality. As you can see from our texts, there was a lot of hope, but when he turned his creative hands for a music video, grabbed we to him, and on the way there, he was a much more impressive force, he took the Form of a short film. This worked perfectly, if you consider that the last 12 minutes of the album only include two Tracks, which will be a long emotional journey with plenty of monolithic peaks and valleys in order to compete with the Andes of Argentina and the Rockies of Colorado, but the Tracks themselves scream after such a treatment. The extent of the Videos is the equivalent of the scope of the album "Death Atlas" to be heard from beginning to end in its entirety, as well as the Video. Wes Benscoter has proved that he is a master of the art, he has integrated a variety of media in a disastrous, beautiful art film, extinction level.“

Wes Benscoter adds: "I never had a real interest in a music video, until we began to plan the photos for the album layout, and I thought, this could be a great opportunity to make the kind of movie that I like. Grim, atmospheric, and related topics. Created with a blend of practical effects and old-school, some of the digital Tricks and an insane amount of Sand and fog. I used every known Trick to try to become a Cattle apocalyptic nightmare-Soundtrack justice.“

Check out the short film by Wes Benscoter with the Album Tracks "The Unerasable Past" and "the Death of Atlas" here now:

Death Atlas appears on the 29. November 2019 via Metal Blade Records. The previously published numbers of "One Day Closer to the End of the World" and "Bring Back the Plague" there's also here:


CATTLE DECAPITATION – "the Death of Atlas"-Tracklist:

Anthropogenic: End Transmission The Geocide Be Still Our Bleeding Hearts Vulturous The Great Dying One Day Closer to the End of the World Bring Back the Plague Absolute Destitute The Great Dying II Finish Them With All Disrespect His Time's Cruel Curtain The Unerasable Past Death Atlas

Cattle Decapitation Line-up:

Travis Ryan – vocals Josh Elmore – guitars Dave McGraw – drums Belisario Dimuzio – guitars Olivier Pinard – bass
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